VitalPro Desktop Platforms

VitalPro desktop platforms run directly on a PC.

VPC runs on a Windows PC, in a Win32 Console:

Fast - Output made in seconds, even with huge data sets.
Easy - Menus easy to navigate, even for beginning user.
Flexible - Produces about any table, chart or map needed.
Publication-ready output - Desktop browser shows output.
COTS solution - Guaranteed to work, we do configuration.
Cost-effective - Lower cost than any comparable software.
Full support - All needed technical support included.

Additional information on VitalPro for Win32 platform:

Pictures of VitalPro for Win32

VitalPro menu options

Compare Vitalnet platforms

VitalPro for Win32 user guides

VitalPro for Unix (VPU) runs on a Linux or Unix computer. VPU functions very similarly to VitalPro for Win32 (above), but does not make graphical output. VPU is normally used for internal automated testing / data verification, but can be licensed if desired.

VitalPro for Unix