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Health Data Analysis Software

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VitalPro Desktop Health Data Analysis

Vitalnet® is data warehouse / data analysis software for analyzing health data sets. Beyond health data, Vitalnet can analyze just about any large, complex data set. Key ways the Vitalnet professional solution provides best value include:

  • Quickly makes publication-ready tables, charts and maps.
  • Much easier and more productive than generic stats software.
  • Fully customized, yet operational in weeks to months.
  • Handles birth, death, MCOD, BRFSS, many other data sets.
  • Both desktop (VitalPro) and web-based (VitalWeb) query systems.
  • Much better value than "home-grown" or other alternatives.
  • All needed technical & training support included with license.
  • Flat-rate contracting simplifies budgeting and procurement.

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VitalPro for Win32 runs on any Windows PC, in a Win32 Console. It is a workhorse for producing about any table or map needed, providing maximum analytical flexibility. It quickly makes selections with a text-based graphical interface. Output (tables, charts, maps) is sent to the desktop browser. Anyone can use this interface, but it is particularly well suited for advanced data analysts.
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VitalPro for Unix functions very similarly to VitalPro for Win32, but only makes tables, and runs on a Linux or Unix computer. VitalPro for Unix is normally used for internal automated testing, and not licensed.


Additional information on VitalPro platforms:
  • VitalPro menu options
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Compare Vitalnet platforms
  • VitalPro for Win32 user guides (HTML and PDF)