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Basic License Terms: Vitalnet has a flat-rate annual license fee, with all services included. No hidden costs. No cost over-runs.

This makes it simple for you to budget. Also, procurement is greatly simplified. You can even sole-source, since no other vendor can provide a flat-rate COTS customized data warehouse.

Your data warehouse is fully functional within a few months. You're spared the huge risks and hassles of a multi-year development process.

How much does it cost? We don't list prices here, because too many factors to consider: number of data sets, complexity of the data sets, size of the jurisdiction, number of platforms. However, we guarantee to provide a more useful and less expensive data warehouse than any alternative.

What do I get initially? Vitalnet data warehouse is customized for you and your data. · Your data files are imported into the software. · Any data file errors are resolved. · Data warehouse is fully functioning in 1-3 months. · Application is hosted on secure Linux server with 24/7 access. · Professional-quality online and printed help is created. · Train-the-trainer sessions done as requested.

What do I get over time? Guaranteed project success, or your money back. · New data files imported within one week of receipt. · Full technical support is provided. · Quick response for any problems that might arise. · You retain control over data and data policies. · We add requested new capabilities, as feasible. · Other tasks needed for project success are carried out.

Which Vitalnet internet platforms ("VitalWeb") can I license? VitalWeb Ajax (very compact, maximum flexibility), VitalWeb Standard (main page and a few helper pages), VitalWeb Wizard (leads user step-by-step).

Which Vitalnet desktop platforms ("VitalPro") can I license? VitalPro for Win32 (very compact, maximum flexibility, runs on Windows PC), VitalPro for Unix (runs on UNIX computer, not normally licensed).

Which data scenarios can I license? Most common ones: birth, BRFSS, cancer registry, divorce, hospital discharge, infectious disease, ITOP (abortions), marriage, multiple cause mortality, population, pregnancy outcome, and underlying cause mortality.

Other possible data scenarios: birth defects, census, COVID-19, ER, food stamps, HIV and AIDS, immunizations, infant death, linked births and deaths, Medicaid, Medicare, newborn screening, outpatient care, PRAMS, reportable diseases, screening results, TANF, trauma registry, unemployment, YRBS, WIC.

Vitalnet is capable of importing and analyzing any data set with defined field values.

Other information related to Vitalnet licenses: We will sign any needed confidentiality and data usage agreements. We will not retransmit or make other use of your data. We will pay attention to you to ensure your satisfaction.

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