EHDP Contract Programming

EHDP provides professional software and services to meet your requirements. Software we develop is designed to be easy to use, easy to maintain, and capable of adapting to future requirements. We develop for Windows, Unix, and web environments.

Programming provided by EHDP includes:

• Database design and programming.
• Internet client-server programming.
• Software development and maintenance.
• Systems analysis and requirements.
• Software usability testing.
• System cleanup and debugging.
• User interface design.

Technical services provided by EHDP include:

• ICD, ICD-O, DRG, CPT, other coding systems.
• Data cleanup, editing, and verification.
• Data conversion between different formats.
• Section 508 and other accessibility standards.
• Technical writing, user guides and online help.
• Web site design and implementation.

Industry-standard technologies used include:

AJAX - Lets web page update / modify itself.
CGI - Lets web page send query to server.
CSS - Web page stylesheet /design language.
C# - .NET general-purpose programming language.
C - General-purpose programming language.
DOM - Web page document object model system.
HTML - Web page markup / design language.
JavaScript - In-Browser programming language.
Java - JVM general-purpose programming language.
JSON - Data language. Transmits data objects.
SQL - Relational database language.

Please call 888-709-5319 to discuss your programming, data, design, or other technical needs.