Vitalnet - Data Awarehouse!

Vitalnet maximizes use of your data. Vitalnet is the first and only "Data Awarehouse".

Analyzing and disseminating health data is a core mission of any health department. Your agency needs an enterprise data warehouse and web-based query system, to monitor population health, target interventions, and make data-based decisions. You know that. The same logic applies to just about any organization or business. Vitalnet can analyze and disseminate any large, complex, record-level data set.

Vitalnet can quickly provide the professional data query software and services you need to make best use of your data. You don't have to spend millions and take years. You don't have to "get into the software development business".

If you have a "home-grown" system, this is an opportunity to cut your losses. We can help you document that Vitalnet provides superior usability and functionality.


What’s a "Data Awarehouse"? A better query system in every way. This is real, not just a slogan. You can see for yourself, by using Vitalnet on the website. Here are the main differences:

Your grandfather’s "Data Warehouse" is old and kludgy. The database technology is clunky (> 40 years old!). The data are sparsely scattered in immense, inefficient data cubes. The data numbers are "dumb" (don't "know" anything). Repopulating the vast database is arduous and time-consuming. And the data warehouse business logic and interface development, the hard parts of the project, remain to be done.

Vitalnet "Data Awarehouse" is modern and efficient. An input Texas death file (one year) is 110 MB. The Vitalnet death file is only 0.8 MB! The standard "data warehouse" file (same granularity) is 2,189 MB. Vitalnet data is "smart": Each field "knows" what it is (eg, range, ICD) and what it does. Importing data is fast and reliable. And the business logic and interfaces are already fully optimized, already proven to work correctly.

Is that all? No. There are many other advantages, including: COTS solution. Customized. Rapid rollout. Flat-rate license. Mobile-friendly. Fully menu-driven. Desktop and internet. Internationalized. Publication-ready tables, charts, and maps. Recoding on the fly ("sets"). Results made in seconds. Uses record-level data. Section 508 compliant. New data imported within one week.


We are ready to provide the solution. If you plan to issue a query system RFP, please let us know. And please allow for a COTS solution, to assure project success and best value for your agency. Vitalnet is a professional turnkey solution. Please contact us to request a fully working demo with data of your choosing included. Thank you!