Vitalnet Bar Chart Examples

Vitalnet bar charts compare amounts of different things. As shown on this page, Vitalnet allows you to easily customize your bar chart in many different ways, to best show the comparisons.

Examples of Vitalnet bar chart capabilities:
Parameter Examples
Background Light Yellow
Grey 90
Light Cyan
Bar Colors Bright Colors
Subdued Colors
Black + White
Bar Height 2 cm Bars
3 cm Bars
4 cm Bars
5 cm Bars
7 cm Bars
Bar Width 0.3 cm Bars
0.4 cm Bars
0.5 cm Bars
0.6 cm Bars
Intervals (CI)
Omit CI
95% CI
98% CI
First Color A Forward
C Forward
F Reverse
J Reverse
Grid Lines Include Grid Lines
Omit Grid Lines
Orientation Horizontal #1
Horizontal #2
Vertical #1
Vertical #2
Stacking Stacked
Not Stacked
Text Size 10 pt
11 pt
12 pt

Online help for Vitalnet bar charts

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