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Copyrights for Software - All VitalWeb pages are computer programs fully protected by US Copyright Law. It is illegal to read the source of, translate, copy, reformat, edit, send in email, incorporate into another program, run through a program other than a web browser, or attempt to unobfuscate any of the VitalWeb pages. In addition, the VitalPro desktop platforms are fully protected by US Copyright Law. Vitalnet uses under the terms of the copyright owners:

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Copyright for Marketing Pages - All pages, images and other files that do not run VitalWeb are protected by copyright. However, if you properly attribute the source, you may (and are encouraged to) print and distribute these other pages, for your personal use or to share with colleagues and coworkers.

Trademarks - Data Awarehouse, "Discover the future of health data", "We care about your health data", Birtha, Epidemic, Epigram, Medtrend, Multicod, Oncogram, Poptrend, Pregdata, STD Wizard, Vitalnet, VitalWeb, VitalPro, VitalPro for Win32, VitalPro for Unix, VitalPro for Windows, VitalWeb Ajax, VitalWeb Standard, and VitalWeb Wizard are trademarks of Daniel Goldman. VITALNET and VITALWEB are registered trademarks.

Ethical Standards - The sole sponsor of this web site is EHDP. This web site contains no outside advertising.

Medical Advice - This web site does not dispense medical advice. Nothing contained in the web site is intended to be used for medical diagnostic or treatment purposes.

Use of Results - The results obtained on this web site may be used freely, as long as Vitalnet and original data sources are acknowledged.

Accuracy of Information - EHDP strives to make the information and results on this web site as accurate as possible. However, EHDP makes no guarantees about the accuracy of the information and results. Please let us know of any suspected inaccuracies on the web site, and we will investigate and correct if needed. Also, EHDP makes no guarantees or assurances about web sites linked to from this web site.

Data Sources - The sources of the data used by Vitalnet are listed in Vitalnet output. Every effort is made to obtain data from primary, authoritative data sources.

Privacy Policy - EHDP pledges to respect the privacy and anonymity of its users. Any information provided to us by visitors is securely stored and not shared with any third party, unless you provide authorization. EHDP does not sell or retransmit email addresses, names, or any other information provided by visitors. EHDP undertakes to meet or exceed the information privacy legal requirements that apply in the US. This Privacy Policy was last updated July 15, 2019.

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