EHDP Goals

Mission Statement

  • Vitalnet is the standard for analyzing large, complex data sets.
Vision Statement

  • Users can easily access and analyze large, complex data sets.
EHDP Corporate Values

  • Create software and services that benefit humanity.
  • Focus on providing what is best for the customer.
  • Develop employees to work smarter and better.
  • Maintain honesty and integrity in all dealings.
  • Stay paranoid about protecting data privacy.
EHDP Software Goals

  • Write the software to best meet user needs.
  • Keep source code to highest quality level.
  • Remove any confusion from the source code.
  • Continuously improve the software.
EHDP Website Priorities

  • Provides useful information.
  • Avoids marketing blather.
  • Is easy to navigate and find information.
  • Displays correctly in common browsers.
  • Displays correctly on smartphones.
  • Is visually appealing.