Vitalnet Pie Chart Examples

Vitalnet pie charts clearly show parts of a whole. As shown on this page, Vitalnet allows you to easily customize your pie chart in many different ways, to best communicate how the pie is divided. Some examples follow:

Examples of Vitalnet pie chart capabilities:

Grey 95 · Light Cyan · White
Colors in Pie:  
Bright Colors · Subdued · Mixed Colors
First Color:  
A Forward · I Forward · H Reverse
First Slice:  
Noon Start · 3:00 Start · 9:00 Start
Label Mode:  
Line + Label · Label Only · Legend
Under Label · After Label · Omit Percents
2.0 cm Size · 2.5 cm Size · 3.0 cm Size
Text Size:  
9 pt Text · 10 pt Text · 11 pt Text

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