Vitalnet Line Chart Examples

Vitalnet line charts show trends, changes, and comparisons. As shown on this page, Vitalnet allows you to easily customize your line chart in many different ways, to best show the results.

Examples of Vitalnet line chart capabilities:

Alice Blue · Light Yellow · Old Lace
Grid Lines:  
Include Grid · Omit Grid
Chart Height:  
3 cm High · 4 cm High · 5 cm High
Line Colors:  
Colored Lines · Black + White
Line Width:  
Thin Lines · Regular · Thick Lines
Point Symbols:  
Include Symbols · Omit Symbols
Symbol Size:  
Scaled Symbols · 1.0 mm · 1.2 mm
Text Size:  
9 pt Text · 10 pt Text · 11 pt Text

Online help for Vitalnet line charts

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