BRFSS Data Analysis Software

"Vitalnet BRFSS" is the Vitalnet module for analyzing and disseminating BRFSS (the CDC Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System) data. The software makes it much easier and more reliable (basically, an order of magnitude) to analyze BRFSS data (drinking, hypertension, obesity, smoking, diabetes, exercise, many more). Analyses taking hours or days with other methods, and subject to likely error, are easily and reliably done in minutes.

Vitalnet BRFSS handles all the intricate complexities of the BRFSS data. No need to use complex, confusing, expensive stats software (eg, SAS, SPSS, SUDAAN). No need to pore through confusing data dictionaries. No need to try understanding the complexities of BRFSS survey design and weights. Vitalnet BRFSS provides the needed combination of correctness, ease-of-use, and output capabilities.

Details on Vitalnet BRFSS

Try VitalWeb with BRFSS data

Vitalnet is commercial-off-the-shelf data warehouse / data query software for analyzing health data sets. Beyond health data, Vitalnet can analyze just about any large, complex data set.

Vitalnet provides best value:

• Quickly makes publication-ready tables and maps.
• Specially customized, yet operational in weeks to months.
• Orders of magnitude easier than generic stats software.
• Handles birth, death, BRFSS, many other data sets.

• Desktop (VitalPro) and internet (VitalWeb) systems.
• Much lower cost than any comparable alternative.
• All needed technical support included with license.
• Flat-rate license simplifies budgeting and procurement.

Key concepts: age-adjusted prevalence, Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, BRFSS, community assessment, complex survey data, health data warehouse, health statistics, health survey, jack-knife replication, risk factor prevalence, telephone survey, web-based data query system, weighted percent, weighted prevalence.