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Vitalnet® Map Examples

CA Vitalnet Map Thumbnail . US Vitalnet Map Thumbnail . TX Vitalnet Map Thumbnail
Map Thumbnails - Click one to show full-size.

Vitalnet maps display results geographically, in PNG and PDF formats. Vitalnet allows you to easily customize a map in many different ways, to best communicate the geographic differences.

Examples of Vitalnet map capabilities:
Parameter Examples
Area Labels Omit Labels . Include Labels (CA Regions)
Omit Labels . Include Labels (IA Counties)
Boundaries County . HSR . HSR . Border . PHR (Texas)
County . Region (Iowa)
State . Division (US)
Cell Suppression Off . Suppress if < 5 Events . Suppress < 30
Color Count 3 colors . 5 colors . 7 colors . 9 colors
3 colors . 5 colors . 7 colors . 9 colors
Color Palette Sequential: Blue . Grey . Blue-Purple . Orange-Red
Diverge: Red-Blue . BlueGreen-Brown . Blue-Yellow-Red
Over 30 standard color palettes are available in Vitalnet.
Output Format PNG map . PDF map
PNG map . PDF map
- Every PNG map has a link to a PDF map for printing.
Range Type Equal Count (Quantiles) - For example, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39
Equal Interval - For example, 63 areas per color
Natural Breaks - Natural breaks explained
Text on Map Monospace Bold . Sans-Serif Bold .
Sans-Serif Normal (default) . Serif Italic
Time Trend Single map . Map for each year .
Single map . Map for each year

Additional maps, to show capabilities

Online help for Vitalnet maps

See examples for: Bar Charts · Line Charts · Pie Charts · Tables

As shown in the picture below, each PNG map automatically links to:
  · HTML table (import into word processor)
  · PDF map (view in Adobe reader)
  · ASCII text table (import into word processor)
  · dBASE III data file (import into GIS)
  · Delimited data file (import into spreadsheet)

picture of link to pdf file