Vitalnet Map Examples

Vitalnet maps show geographic trends, in PNG and PDF formats. Vitalnet allows you to easily customize your map in many different ways, to best communicate the results.

Examples of Vitalnet map capabilities:
Parameter Examples
Area Labels Omit Labels
Include Labels
Boundaries County
Suppress Cells? Suppression Off
Suppress < 5
Suppress < 20
Color Count 3 Colors
5 Colors
7 Colors
9 Colors
Color Palette Blue
Color Palettes Used
Output Format PNG map (default map)
PDF map (from footer link)
Range Type Equal Ranges - eg, 0-8, 9-17, 18-26
Equal Counts - eg, 63 areas / color
Natural Breaks - NB explained
Text on Map Monospace Bold
Sans-Serif Bold
Serif Italic
Time Trend Single Map
Map Series

Online help for Vitalnet maps

Examples for: Bar Charts · Line Charts · Pie Charts · Tables

As shown, each PNG map automatically links to:
  · HTML table (import into word processor)
  · PDF map (view in Adobe reader)
  · ASCII text table (import into word processor)
  · dBASE III data file (import into GIS)
  · Delimited data file (import into spreadsheet)

picture of link to pdf file