Year: 2003
Race: Black, Hispanic, White
Place of Residence: California
Causes of Death: Diabetes mellitus (E10-E14)
99% Cell Confidence Intervals (CI Lo, CI Hi)
Race Deaths CI Lo CI Hi
Black 808736.4882.9
Hispanic 1,7551,648.71,864.6
White 3,7783,621.33,938.0
Total 6,3416,137.56,547.8

bar chart

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Unique ID, for keeping track of analyses: 9b22tzmk (9B22TZMK)
Compiled / run: Nov 22 2019 / Nov 22 2019 (1 s) (VitalWeb Wizard)
Data Scenario: California County Level ICD-10 Underlying Cause Deaths
Race not selected: American Indian, Asian, Pacific Islander, Two or More Races
Cell Confidence Interval (CI) Method: Poisson Distribution
Death data source: California Department of Health Services