VitalPro for Unix

VitalPro for Unix (VPU) runs on a Linux or Unix computer. It quickly makes selections with character-oriented menus. The user interface is very similar in appearance and operation to VitalPro for Win32, and the two interfaces have identical analytic capabilities, in terms of which tables can be produced.

However, VitalPro for Unix does not directly send output to the browser, and does not make maps or graphical charts. More fundamentally, VPU runs on a LINUX or UNIX computer, not a Windows PC.

Because of these differences, VitalPro for Win32 is normally a better choice for the end user. However, VPU is available for licensing if desired for special applications, especially as it can more readily run automatically from UNIX shell scripts.

We mostly use VPU for automated testing, which has proven very effective to help keep Vitalnet bug-free. Also, VPU is used to assist in data validation.