VitalWeb Ajax - User Guides

VitalWeb Ajax is designed to be easily used without a user guide. However, many users learn better from a written text. And all users will probably benefit from a general overview of what the software can do before using it.

HTML for web browser:

HTML User Guide - TX ICD-10 Death

PDF for Acrobat Acrobat:

Not currently available.

Both formats are fine for viewing. Since PDF format does page breaks at the right places, it is better for printing. If needed, download Adobe Acrobat.

Each user guide describes:

  • Data contained within system
  • Practice interpreting sample tables
  • Selecting parameters and making output
  • Tutorials to help you learn better
  • Available menus, variables, and parameters
  • Relevant statistical concepts
  • Definitions of relevant terms
  • Output format options
  • Other relevant information