VitalWeb Ajax - User Guides

VitalWeb Ajax is designed to be easily used without a user guide. However, many users learn better from a written text. And all users will probably benefit from a general overview of what the software can do before using it.

VitalWeb Ajax - User guides - HTML for web browser:

  • HTML User Guide - Texas ICD-10 Death
VitalWeb Ajax - User guides - PDF for Acrobat Acrobat:

Both formats are fine for viewing. Since PDF format does page breaks at the right places, it is better for printing. If needed, download Adobe Acrobat.

Each user guide describes:

  • Data contained within system
  • Practice interpreting sample tables
  • Selecting parameters and making output
  • Tutorials to help you learn better
  • Available menus, variables, and parameters
  • Relevant statistical concepts
  • Definitions of relevant terms
  • Output format options
  • Other relevant information