VitalWeb® Browser Platforms

Vitalnet includes VitalWeb web platforms, which run in any commonly used browser.

VW Standard · VW Wizard · VW Ajax

VitalWeb Standard - This platform runs over the internet, in any popular browser.

Main Menu - The one-page interface contains and selects most parameters. Is in a "standard" format, using rows of list boxes.

Popups - Auxilary menus change other parameters that would otherwise clutter Main Menu.

Output - Tables, charts, and maps appear in a separate window. VitalWeb Standard is well suited for general users over the internet.

VitalWeb Wizard runs over the internet, in any popular browser. The program displays a series of "wizard pages". Each page selects a few related analysis parameters, and is dynamically generated to reflect the current analysis situation.

The result - an expert system for analyzing data, much easier for users to review and select parameters.

Step-by-Step Mode has a step-by-step sequence for displaying wizard pages. This ensures the user focuses on each step, does not leave anything out. At the last step, a table or map is produced.

Jump-to-Step Mode is faster and more efficient. This mode lets the user jump to any wizard page, and output may be produced at any time.

VitalWeb Ajax - Runs over the internet, in any popular browser. Has the functionality of a desktop program in a browser window. There is a single page that is constantly updated as the user makes selections, as the browser sends messages back and forth with the server.

Two huge advantages to this approach: 1) The interface is very compact, making it much easier for the user to understand the current situation and figure out what to do next. 2) The program has full analytic flexibility.