CDC NEDSS - Vitalnet Health Statistics

What is NEDSS? - "The vision of NEDSS (National Electronic Disease Surveillance System) is to have integrated surveillance systems that can transfer appropriate public health, laboratory, and clinical data efficiently and securely over the Internet. NEDSS will revolutionize public health by gathering and analyzing information quickly and accurately." - NEDSS web site

Vitalnet meets CDC needs - Vitalnet is a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) health information system that provides the ability to analyze, display, visualize, report, graph, and map NEDSS data, including the ability to operate outbreak detection algorithms.

Vitalnet complies with standards - Vitalnet is developed to comply with the CDC User Style Interface Guide and other CDC standards. Vitalnet uses open industry standards to read data, write data, and send messages, so it interfaces with other standards-compliant software (eg, statistical, database, GIS, mapping).

Vitalnet provides timely data - If needed, NEDSS data can be imported into Vitalnet on a nightly basis, for example to automatically detect emerging patterns in ER or school attendance data.
Vitalnet meets local needs - Vitalnet provides a cost-effective COTS solution for any health agency storing and managing data related to NEDSS and the Public Health Information Network (PHIN). With Vitalnet, any public health agency can clearly present, analyze and report accumulated data to meet detection, management and preparedness programmatic needs. The agency retains full control over data policies - Vitalnet provides the needed technology.

Vitalnet is a true COTS solution - Vitalnet is uniquely capable of addressing the need for analysis and display of NEDSS data. Unlike other commercial reporting systems, statistical analysis software, and GIS software, Vitalnet requires no programming or software maintenance on the part of the licensing agency. Vitalnet lets you concentrate on your business - protecting public health. We provide the customized software you need to do your job.

Vitalnet provides flexible access - Vitalnet for NEDSS and PHIN can be implemented for web access through a browser (VitalWeb system), or for local access on a LAN (VitalPro system). Vitalnet systems run locally under Unix or Windows, or can be remotely accessed by modem, telnet, or web browser. Remote access to Vitalnet can be protected by standard authentication and authorization mechanisms.