Vitalnet Software - Architecture Summary

Vitalnet Architecture Diagram 1. Existing Data - EHDP import utilities extract, check, transform, combine, and load data from isolated data silos. Any structured, documented format can be imported.

2. Vitalnet Data - The walls between data silos are now gone. Within Vitalnet, the data are integrated into a set of record-level databases, optimized for rapid analysis.

3. Vitalnet Database Engine (DBE) - In response to user requests from a Vitalnet platform, the DBE analyzes Vitalnet Data, and sends results back to the platform for display.

4. Vitalnet Platforms - The VitalPro and VitalWeb user front ends are totally menu-driven. No programming or SQL knowledge is needed. Little training is required.

5. Vitalnet Output - In response to user selections, the platform displays the requested table, map, chart, data file, or text file.

6. Output Usages - The Vitalnet output can be printed, used on a web site, used in a report, or imported into other software tools.

Desktop Platforms - VitalPro runs directly on the desktop. It offers maximum flexibility for making selections. The program directly incorporates the Vitalnet database engine. VitalPro for Win32 has a textual user interface (TUI).

Internet Platforms - VitalWeb runs in any browser. It communicates with the VitalWeb server using CGI and JSON. VitalWeb Standard has a main web page. Pop-up windows select parameters and display output. VitalWeb Wizard is a series of dynamically generated web pages, each page created based on the current parameter selections. VitalWeb Ajax gives the functionality of a desktop program in a browser window.

Database Engine (DBE) - The DBE receives a query from a platform, reads the Vitalnet Data, and sends back the needed results. The DBE analyzes record level data, providing maximum analytical flexibility, yet produces results in seconds, even with millions of records. Storage space is low, for example only about 600 KB for one year of Texas death data.

Source Code - Vitalnet is written in C. All code and documentation shares the same business logic, ensuring correct operation. All HTML and Javascript is automatically generated. The Vitalnet framework can generate any number of customized executables. If you want a new data set analyzed, we can readily generate a new module customized as required by you.

More Detail (PDF Files) - VitalWeb Standard · VitalWeb Wizard · VitalWeb Ajax