Curriculum Vitae
Daniel Aaron Goldman, MD, MPH
Expert Health Data Programming, Inc.
1608 Glenwood Ave SE
Renton, WA 98058


1975   BA, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut
Molecular Biology and Biophysics
National Merit Scholar
1979 MD, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas
1989 MPH, University of Texas School of Public Health, Houston, Texas
Community Health Practice
Thesis topic: "Vehicle Inspection for Ozone Control"


1997-present - President, Consultant - Expert Health Data Programming, Inc.

  · Carried out tasks related to incorporating and running business.
  · Created NTD data entry software for epidemiological study of neural tube defects.
  · NTD software did double entry and verification of > 7000 variables.
  · NTD software did reference ranges for variables, skip patterns, and edit checks.
  · NTD software produced a complete data dictionary & customized exporting.
  · Created software for entering and analyzing pesticide exposure data.
  · Totally rewrote Epigram as Vitalnet, to allow for expansion to other data sets.
  · Expanded Vitalnet to birth, hospital discharge, multiple cause, other data sets.
  · Created VitalWeb Standard Version, which runs in a web browser.
  · Created VitalWeb Wizard Version, step-by-step process to make table or map.
  · Converted Vitalnet to a Windows program with C Win32 API.
  · Ported VitalPro desktop product to win32 API.
  · Provided Vitalnet to Texas Dept of Health Bureau of Vital Statistics.
  · Provided Vitalnet to University of Pittsburgh.
  · Created set of customized user's guides for Vitalnet.
  · Converted ICD-10 to database format for Centers for Disease Control.
  · Cleaned up data and software errors for TIHPR LandScape software system.
  · Created STD Wizard expert system, for Medical Institute for Sexual Health.
  · Internationalized STD Wizard and Vitalnet.
  · Created Vitalnet PDF map generation system.
  · Created Vitalnet module for analyzing complex BRFSS survey data.
  · Wrote sed book "Definitive Guide to sed".

1989-1996 - Chronic Disease Epidemiologist - Texas Department of Health

  · Worked on chronic disease prevention strategies and epidemiology projects.
  · Wrote software for analyzing chronic disease outcome and risk factor data.
  · Carried out data analyses using statistical software, SQL, and FoxPro.
  · Wrote Epigram software system for analyzing Texas mortality data.
  · Wrote FoxPro software system for tracking diabetes patients in health clinics.
  · Wrote FoxPro software for entering data on diabetes eye exams.
  · Eye software processed payments for doctors who had done the exams.
  · Eye software produced statistical reports on the data.
  · Conducted study on physician and patient attitudes toward cancer screening.
  · Conducted study on patient understanding of breast cancer health messages.
  · Carried out planning and purchasing related to analysis of hospital discharge data.
  · Supervised Network Manager.
  · Wrote or assisted with several successful grant applications.
  · Completed technical writing class at ACC.

1985-1988 - Instructor, Dept of Cell Biology - Baylor College of Medicine

  · Managed the operation of a network of Sun UNIX computers.
  · Network had more than 150 users, with a complex software environment.
  · Wrote part of a molecular biology software package, using C.
  · Maintained hardware and software and diagnosed and fixed problems.
  · Wrote software documentation.
  · Trained users.
  · Participated in grant applications and site reviews.
  · Supervised two employees.

1983-1984 - Research Associate, Dept of Cell Biology - Baylor College of Medicine

  · Studied the association of activated genes with nuclear matrix.
  · Performed experiments using molecular biology techniques.
  · Did cell fractionation and DNA purification.
  · Did DNA labelling, modification, and hybridization.

1980-1983 - Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept of Biochemistry - Oregon State University

  · Studied multi-enzyme complexes in bacteriophage T4.
  · Used enzyme kinetic studies and protein purification.
  · Used high-pressure liquid chromatography and phage purification.
  · Presented at research seminars.
  · Supervised and assisted graduate students in carrying out research.

1979-1985 - Oregon Army National Guard, Army Reserve.

  · Served in light infantry company.
  · Earned leadership award in Officer's Candidate School.
  · Served as executive officer for company with more than 100 soldiers.
  · Planned and led operations.
  · Conducted inspections and inventories.
  · Counselled personnel.

1979-1979 - Teaching Assistant, Dept of Anatomy - Baylor College of Medicine

  · Taught laboratory phase of gross anatomy to medical students.
  · Organized presentations.
  · Conducted review sessions.
  · Administered exams.

Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals

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Goldman AS, Goldman LR, and Goldman DA (2005) "What Caused the Epidemic of Pneumocystis Pneumonia in European Premature Infants in the Mid-20th Century?". Pediatrics 115:e725-e736.

Other Publications and Presentations

Mathews, CK, JW Booth, DA Goldman, GW Lasser, S Weitz (1983) "Studies of Isolated T4 dNTP-Synthesizing Enzyme Complex", Federation Proceedings 42.2:2056.

Goldman, DA (1998) "Data Warehousing Makes Better Use of Large Datasets", Epidemiology Monitor 19:5

Best poster presentation at 1992 Texas Public Health Association Meeting.

Best research project and best poster presentation at 1993 Texas Public Health Association Meeting.

Goldman DA (2013) "Definitive Guide to sed: Tutorial and Reference". ISBN-13: 978-1939824028

Goldman AS, and Goldman DA (2017) "Prisoners of Time: The Misdiagnosis of FDR's 1921 Illness". ISBN-13: 978-1939824035

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