EHDP Texas CISV Catalog

Expert Health Data Programming, Inc. (EHDP)
CISV Vendor ID # 1-74-281-5717-000
Effective Date of Catalog: May 1, 2011

Vendor contact information:

Daniel Goldman, MD, MPH
1608 Glenwood Ave SE
Renton, WA 98058

EHDP is a Texas Corporation

Web Site:
Phone: 425-271-6058
888-709-5319 (toll-free)
Fax: 888-256-3789 (toll-free)

For email, please use: EHDP Contact Page and Form

Class-Item Codes Offered

Group A: Contract programming

• 918-29 Software consulting services
• 918-46 Feasibility study consulting services
• 920-02 Data access services
• 920-21 Data entry services
• 920-22 Data preparation and processing services
• 920-24 Data conversion services
• 920-34 Data and media conversion services
• 920-40 Computer programming services
• 920-45 Software maintenance and support
• 920-46 Software updating services
• 920-47 Computer support services
• 920-91 Computer based training

Group B: Preprogrammed software

• 208-37 Preprogrammed database software for microcomputers
• 208-82 Preprogrammed statistical software for microcomputers
• 209-38 Preprogrammed database software for minis and mainframes
• 209-82 Preprogrammed statistical software for minis and mainframes
• 920-04 Applications software for main frames
• 920-07 Applications software for microcomputers
• 920-14 Applications software for minicomputers

Catalog Products and Services
Description of Each Product / Service
Pricing for Each Product / Service

Group A: Contract programming - List and State Price - $80 to $120 / hour

EHDP provides professional software and services to meet your requirements. Software we develop is designed to be easy to use, easy to maintain, and capable of adapting to future requirements. We develop for Windows, Unix, and web environments.

Programming provided by EHDP includes:

• Database design and programming.
• Internet client-server programming.
• Software development and maintenance.
• Systems analysis and requirements.
• Software usability testing.
• System cleanup and debugging.
• User interface design.

Technical services provided by EHDP include:

• ICD, ICD-O, DRG, CPT, other coding systems.
• Data cleanup, editing, and verification.
• Data conversion between different formats.
• Section 508 and other accessibility standards.
• Technical writing, user guides and online help.
• Web site design and implementation.

Industry-standard technologies used include:

AJAX - Lets web page update / modify itself.
CGI - Lets web page send query to server.
CSS - Web page stylesheet /design language.
C# - .NET general-purpose programming language.
C - General-purpose programming language.
DOM - Web page document object model system.
HTML - Web page markup / design language.
JavaScript - In-Browser programming language.
Java - JVM general-purpose programming language.
JSON - Data language. Transmits data objects.
SQL - Relational database language.

Please call 888-709-5319 to discuss your programming, data, design, or other technical needs.

The State may purchase these services at a flat hourly rate, to be negotiated based on the difficulty and scope of the work required. Alternatively, the State may pay a negotiated fixed price, based on an estimated number of hours at a negotiated hourly rate, for an entire project or set of services.

Group B: Preprogrammed software - List and State Price

A single-user, one-year, one-data-scenario license for VitalPro (desktop system) is $1,000 / year, or $2,000 / year for a data center user. A single-network, one-year, one-data-scenario license for VitalPro (desktop system) is $5,000 / year, or $10,000 / year for a data center network. A "data center" is defined as the office or bureau having primary responsibility and usage of a particular data set.

Pricing for larger Vitalnet configurations (agency-wide or state-wide) (VitalPro desktop system or VitalWeb internet system) depends on the type of data sets, the number of data sets, the size of the agency, and the number of users. For a quote, please contact EHDP.

Vitalnet Annual Licenses:

Basic License Terms: Vitalnet has a flat-rate annual license fee, with all services included.

This makes it simple for you to budget, since there are no hidden costs. Also, your procurement process is simplified, since we can make a fixed-cost bid for guaranteed performance.

Your data warehouse is fully functional within a few months. You're spared the huge risks and hassles of a multi-year development process.

How much does it cost? - We don't list prices here, because there are too many factors to consider. But we guarantee to cost much less than any comparable solution.

State agencies spend large amounts trying to create and maintain data warehouses. And those costs are recurring. Our cost is much lower, for a much better product. By licensing Vitalnet, you will greatly improve the use of your data and save your agency large amounts of money:

What do I get? - Best data warehouse solution we are aware of.

• High-level systems analysis, programming, and customization, usually no extra charge. • New data files normally imported within one week of receipt. • Complete information on any data anomalies or errors detected. • Much more cost-effective than alternatives.

• Guaranteed successful project, because COTS solution. • All technical support is carried out by EHDP. • Professional-quality online and printed help for users. • We host on secure Linux server with 24/7 access. • Train-the-trainer sessions as requested.

• Quick response and resolution for any problems that might arise. • You retain control over data, data policies, and related issues. • We add requested new capabilities, as feasible, usually no extra charge. • Other tasks for project success carried out, usually no extra charge.

Which Vitalnet internet platforms ("VitalWeb") can I license? - VitalWeb Ajax (very compact, maximum flexibility), VitalWeb Standard (main page and a few helper pages), VitalWeb Wizard (leads user step-by-step).

Which Vitalnet desktop platforms ("VitalPro") can I license? - VitalPro for Win32 (very compact, maximum flexibility, runs on Windows PC), VitalPro for Unix (runs on UNIX computer, not normally licensed).

Which data scenarios can I license? - The most common data sets included are birth, BRFSS, cancer registry, divorce, hospital discharge, abortions (ITOP), infectious disease, marriage, multiple cause mortality, population, pregnancy outcome, and underlying cause mortality.

Other data sets you might have included within Vitalnet: Benefits enrollment, birth defects, census, COVID-19, emergency room, food stamps, HIV / AIDS, health manpower, immunizations, infant death, lead screening, linked birth / death, Medicaid, Medicare, newborn screening, outpatient care, poverty, PRAMS, reportable diseases, TANF, trauma registry, unemployment, YRBS, WIC.

Vitalnet is capable of importing and analyzing virtually any data set. Let us know what you'd like.

Other information related to Vitalnet licenses: We are flexible related to your budgetary, contracting, and programmatic needs. In general, we charge less for smaller cities, states, and countries with smaller budgets.

We welcome long-term contracts with discounts for prepayment beyond the first year. Once you have several data sets within Vitalnet, additional data sets and platforms cost less.

We will sign any needed confidentiality and data usage agreements. We will not retransmit or make other use of your data.

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Maintenance, Repair, and Support Plan

EHDP guarantees to support any products or services sold to the State of Texas. Software provided by EHDP is carefully written and thoroughly tested. However, no significant work of software can be guaranteed to be error-free. In addition, the user's needs may change over time, requiring changes to be made. Also, staff turnover at a State agency may result in loss of key personnel and necessitate training new staff.

EHDP guarantees prompt and timely support. We have extensive previous experience maintaining software at both local and remote sites, including rapid problem resolution over the phone and by email.

Any contract written can include provisions for support for whatever period of months or years is needed by the purchaser. The exact support and maintenance will depend on the actual product or service, but could generally include bug fixes, training, answering questions, adding new program components needed by the purchaser, updating documentation, recovering accidentally damaged files, and resolution of other problems that might arise.

If you have questions concerning the operation of the software you purchased from our company, please call 425-271-6058 (888-709-5319) and request Daniel Goldman. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm PST (Seattle) (10 am to 7 pm CST). In case of emergency, you may call at any time.

Statement of Guarantee

Expert Health Data Programming, Inc (EHDP) will make available equivalent replacement parts for a product sold to the state for at least 3 years after a product is discontinued. (This is in reference to the class codes referenced on the URL and CMBL profile for software).

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