Abortion Data Analysis Software

Abortion data are easily analyzed with Vitalnet. The system is customized to include whatever fields and field values are available in your area and that you want included.

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Try VitalWeb with abortion data

Vitalnet is commercial-off-the-shelf data warehouse / data query software for analyzing health data sets. Beyond health data, Vitalnet can analyze just about any large, complex data set.

Vitalnet provides best value:

• Quickly makes publication-ready tables and maps.
• Specially customized, yet operational in weeks to months.
• Orders of magnitude easier than generic stats software.
• Handles birth, death, BRFSS, many other data sets.

• Desktop (VitalPro) and internet (VitalWeb) systems.
• Much lower cost than any comparable alternative.
• All needed technical support included with license.
• Flat-rate license simplifies budgeting and procurement.

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