Standish CHAOS Report

⇒ What is the Standish CHAOS Report? A customized data analysis software.

Vitalnet is a software framework for analyzing large complex health data sets. It runs directly on the desktop (VitalPro) or over the internet (VitalWeb®). Vitalnet fulfills the role of many different kinds of software to benefit you and your organization, including: community assessment, data access, data dissemination, data linkage, data mining, desktop data analysis, enterprise data warehouse, decision support, ICD database, web-based data query system, and virtual data center. It does a lot!

⇒ What does CHAOS stand for? Comprehensive Human Appraisal for Originating Software


⇒ What percent of IT projects are successful? Only 16.2%.

According to a previously published report by The Standish Group, only 16.2% of IT projects were deemed successful by being completed on time and budget, with all the promised functionality. A majority of projects were over cost, over time, or lacking promised functionality, and 31.1% of IT investments classified as failed, which means they were abandoned or cancelled. Source

⇒ What does this have to do with Vitalnet? Everything.

Vitalnet is guaranteed to be at cost, on time, and deliver promised functionality. Vitalnet already works, so you can see what you are getting. No need to rely on promises from vendors who naturally will promise you anything.

⇒ Can I read the Standish CHAOS reports myself? Yes.

1994 CHAOS Report
2015 CHAOS Report

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