Ever had diabetes (excluding pregnancy)?
Texas Weighted Percent 'Yes'
Age: 40-74 Years
Year of Survey: 2005-2007

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Unique ID, for keeping track of analyses: 531ZAKBA
Compiled / run: Feb 20 2013 / May 31 2013 (1 second) (VitalWeb Standard)
Range Type: Equal # of Areas | Color Palette: Diverging BlueGreen-Brown
Data Scenario: Texas County Level Adult BRFSS
Unless otherwise noted: Missing, not asked, don't know, and refused are excluded.
DIABETES_NP___EVER_: Have you ever been told by a doctor that you have diabetes?
  Pre-diabetes, borderline diabetes, and diabetes during pregnancy do not count as 'Yes'.
BRFSS data source: Texas Department of State Health Services
PHR 1    (12.2) PHR 2/3    (12.0) PHR 4/5N    (13.8) PHR 6/5S    (11.7) PHR 7    (12.5) PHR 8    (15.3) PHR 9/10    (13.2) PHR 11    (19.2)