1999-2012 Texas
ICD-10 Underlying Cause Deaths
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Line Chart Settings (11/14)

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Line Colors:
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The line chart is only made (only works well) if:
  · Range rows (such as age or year).
  · No breaks in ranges (not 2000, 2002).
  · Rows not sorted. No suppressed results.
  · No more than 10 lines (columns).
Selections from Previous Steps:
Type of Output: Table
Row Variable: Race
Row Sorting: Rows in Standard Order
Column Variable: One Column Only
Multi-Tables: One Table Only
Main Statistic: Deaths
Causes of Death: All causes of death
Areas: Set for each TX County
Race: All Selected
Sex: All Selected
Age: 0-99+
Year: 1999-2012
Pie Chart Settings
Background: Alice Blue
Colors: Subdued
First Color: A Forward
First Slice: 12 pm
Label Mode: Legend Labels
Percents: After Label
Radius: 2.5 cm
Text Size: 10 pt