VitalPro for Windows

Vitalnet is commercial-off-the-shelf data warehouse / data query software for analyzing health data sets. Beyond health data, Vitalnet can analyze just about any large, complex data set.

Vitalnet provides best value:

• Quickly makes publication-ready tables and maps.
• Fully customized, yet operational in weeks to months.
• Orders of magnitude easier than generic stats software.
• Handles birth, death, BRFSS, many other data sets.

• Desktop (VitalPro) and internet (VitalWeb) systems.
• Much lower cost than any comparable alternative.
• All needed technical support included with license.
• Flat-rate license simplifies budgeting and procurement.

VitalPro for Windows is a desktop version of Vitalnet. This desktop platform runs directly on a Windows PC, and offers full analytic capability and ease-of-use. Sends graphical output (maps, tables, and charts) to the desktop browser. Has a native Windows graphical user interface.

Additional information on VitalPro for Win32 platform:

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