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Weighted Percent 'Yes' for BRFSS YN_VAR
YN_VAR: Is a binge drinker? (_RFBING3)
Row Variable: Sex (SEX)
Year of Survey: 2005
Place of Residence: Texas
95% Cell Confidence Intervals (CI Lo, CI Hi)

Sex Yes % CI Lo CI Hi Yes
Male 23.1820.9525.42501
Female 5.944.976.91215
Total 14.3513.1215.58716

Stacked Bar Chart (10 unit bar= 2.32 Percent):

Sex Yes %
Male 100 unit bar
Female 25 unit bar
Total 62 unit bar

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Analysis Footnotes:
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  Date output made: Dec 5 2008 / 15:09:35 PST
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  Date CGI server compiled: Dec 4 2008 / 16:00:33 CST
  Weighted outcomes are valid for epidemiological comparisons.
  Excluded responses: Missing, not asked, don't know, and refused.
  Question wording (YN_VAR = _RFBING3): During the past 30 days, how many
    days per week or per month did you have at least one drink of any alcoholic
    beverage? Considering all types of alcoholic beverages, how many times
    during the past 30 days did you have 5 or more drinks on an occasion?
  Cell Confidence Interval (CI) Method: Jackknife (Unlimited Maximum Replicates)
  Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) (