Is a heavy drinker?
Weighted Percent 'Yes'
Age: 18-99+ Years
Area: Texas
95% Cell Confidence Intervals (CI Lo, CI Hi)

Year of Survey % Yes CI Lo CI Hi Yes

bar chart

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Unique ID, for keeping track of analyses: X26XWGZN
Compiled / run: Oct 24 2011 / Oct 26 2011 (2 seconds) (VitalWeb Standard)
Data Scenario: Texas State Level Adult BRFSS
Excluded responses: Missing, not asked, don't know, and refused.
_RFDRHVY: During the past 30 days, on the days when you drank, about how many drinks did
  you drink on the average? 'Heavy drinker' is 2 drinks a day for males, 1 for females.
Cell Confidence Interval (CI) Method: Jackknife (800 Maximum Replicates)
BRFSS data source: Texas Department of State Health Services