Has been a binge drinker in past 30 days?
Weighted Percent 'Yes'
Column Variable: Marital Status
Age: 18-99+ Years
Year of Survey: 2005-2007
Marital Status: Married, Divorced
Area: Texas

Sex Married Divorced Unknown Total
% Yes Yes % Yes Yes % Yes Yes % Yes Yes
Male 19.91,137 26.5273 ** 20.61,418
Female 6.6685 10.3237 0.92 7.1924
Total 13.31,822 17.0510 15.710 13.82,342

bar chart

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Unique ID, for keeping track of analyses: X26QXBNX
Compiled / run: Oct 24 2011 / Oct 26 2011 (1 second) (VitalWeb Standard)
Data Scenario: Texas State Level Adult BRFSS
Excluded responses: Missing, not asked, don't know, and refused.
_RFBINGE: During the past 30 days, have you had at least one drink of any alcoholic
  beverage such as beer, wine, a malt beverage or liquor? During the past month, how many
  days per week or per month did you drink any alcoholic beverages, on the average?
  Considering all types of alcoholic beverages, how many times during the past 30 days did
  you have 5 or more drinks (Starting in 2006, 4 or more drinks for women) on an occasion?
Marital Status not selected: Widowed, Separated, Never Married, Unmarried Couple
Suppress cell (*) if 1 to 50 total responses in cell.
BRFSS data source: Texas Department of State Health Services