Viral Hepatitis Deaths
Year of Death: 1999-2000
Hepatitis Type: Chronic Hepatitis C
Place of Residence: Texas

Race Deaths
White 50
Black 5
Hispanic 9
Other *
Total *

bar chart

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Unique ID, for keeping track of analyses: 404STKBQ
Compiled / run: Feb 20 2013 / Apr 4 2013 (1 second) (VitalWeb Standard)
Data Scenario: Texas County Level Viral Hepatitis ICD-10 Deaths
Hepatitis Type not selected: Acute Hepatitis A, Acute Hepatitis B, Chronic Hepatitis B,
  Acute Delta-Infection of B Carrier, Acute Hepatitis C, Acute Hepatitis E,
  Other Spec Acute Viral Hepatitis, Other Spec Chronic Viral Hepatitis,
  Unspec Chronic Viral Hepatitis, Unspecified Viral Hepatitis
Suppress cell (*) if 1 to 2 events in cell.
Suppress row / column total (*) if 1 suppressed cell in row / column.
Death data source: Texas Department of State Health Services