Death Rate (per 100,000)
Row Variable: Race
Year: 2000 to 2004
Place of Residence: Texas
Cause of Death: Tuberculosis (ICD A16-A19)
99% Cell Confidence Intervals (CI Lo, CI Hi)

Race Rate CI Lo CI Hi Deaths

bar chart

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Analysis Footnotes:
  Unique ID, for keeping track of analyses: 501NXRSX
  Output was produced by: VitalWeb Standard (
  Date compiled / run: Apr 21 2010 / May 1 2010 (1 second)
  Analysis uses ICD-10 underlying cause of death.
  Cell Confidence Interval (CI) Method: +/- Z * Rate / Sqrt (Events)
  Death data source: Texas Department of State Health Services
  Population data sources: Texas DSHS and Texas State Data Center