Is obese (BMI at least 30)?
Weighted Percent 'Yes'
Age: 18-99+ Years
Year of Survey: 2008-2010
95% Cell Confidence Intervals (CI Lo, CI Hi)

Residence Area % Yes CI Lo CI Hi n
Fairfield County 17.215.618.95,646
Hartford County 22.420.624.14,189
Litchfield County 19.815.923.6729
Middlesex County
New Haven County 24.822.926.74,688
New London County,140
Tolland County 21.417.425.4800
Windham County 30.825.835.8518
Total 21.821.022.718,443

Tabular Chart (10 unit bar= 4.1%):

Residence Area % Yes
Fairfield County 42 unit bar
Hartford County 54 unit bar
Litchfield County 48 unit bar
Middlesex County 58 unit bar
New Haven County 60 unit bar
New London County 54 unit bar
Tolland County 52 unit bar
Windham County 75 unit bar
Total 53 unit bar

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Unique ID, for keeping track of analyses: 113RCHMP
Compiled / run: Jan 12 2014 / Jan 13 2014 (1 second) (VitalWeb Standard)
n: Sample size (number of records used in the denominator)
Data Scenario: Connecticut County Level Adult BRFSS
Unless otherwise noted: Missing, not asked, don't know, and refused are excluded.
_BMICAT______GE_30_: About how much do you weigh without shoes?
  About how tall are you without shoes?
Cell Confidence Interval (CI) Method: Jackknife (90% Maximum Replicates)
Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) (