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Auto-Validation for Quality Assurance

"Auto-Validation" is a powerful quality assurance method to help verify correct data warehouse operation. The method uses program-based logic to automatically check thousands of results, directly uses Vitalnet output without manual steps, and produces automated reports. A more complete description of Auto-Validation is available.
Auto-Validation automatically compares two large sets of Vitalnet results:

  - Previously verified "Gold Standard" table series.
  - The same tables, as currently produced by Vitalnet.
Based on the comparisons, Auto-Validation produces report web pages, such as this example. The best way to understand Auto-Validation is to view a report page. For each "Gold Standard" table series, the report page includes the following:
  - The parameters used to produce the table series.
  - Links to expected results (text, CSV, HTML) (Gold Standard).
  - Links to observed results (text, CSV, HTML) (current results).
  - The number of numerical results compared.
  - Links to "diff" files showing any discrepancies.
  - Overall validation indicator (green / yellow / red).
Green Current results are in agreement with "Gold Standard".
Yellow Resolved discrepancy ("Gold Standard" needs updating).
Red Error condition. Unresolved data discrepancy.

Any red or yellow indicator is investigated and promptly resolved.

Links to Auto-Validation Report Pages
TX Births
TX Pregnancies
TX ICD-9 Underlying Cause Deaths
TX ICD-10 Underlying Cause Deaths
TX ICD-9 Multiple Cause Deaths