Overview - Vitalnet Software

Vitalnet is fully configured, ready-to-use data warehouse software for analyzing and disseminating large, complex data sets. Health data sets and other large data sets contain a wealth of information. Agencies and businesses invest large amounts of time and money in collecting the data. Vitalnet leverages and makes best use of your valuable data.

Vitalnet provides all needed services:

• Vitalnet data analysis software
• Customized interfaces to query the data
• Complete professional software system
• No programming or data importing required on your part
• Support services needed to ensure project success

Analyzes large, complex data bases:

BRFSS, birth, population, pregnancy, cancer registry, hospital discharge, multiple cause mortality, and underlying cause mortality. Other systems are available as needed: Benefits enrollment, birth defects, census, COVID-19, emergency room, food stamps, HIV / AIDS, health manpower, immunizations, infant death, lead screening, linked birth / death, Medicaid, Medicare, newborn screening, outpatient care, poverty, PRAMS, reportable diseases, TANF, trauma registry, unemployment, YRBS, WIC.

Serves broad range of users:

Citizens, data analysts, demographers, doctors / nurses, epidemiologists, planners, policy makers, reporters, researchers, students.

Serves wide variety of purposes:

Community assessment, data analysis, demography, disease surveillance, epidemiology, health research, policy making, program assessment, program planning, statistical reporting.

Platform #1 - VitalPro for Win32 for desktop:

• Carry out analyses not feasible before.
• Easily customize age groupings as needed.
• Compare geo "sets" with each other.
• Compare ICD "sets" with each other.
• The entire ICD system is included.
• VitalPro is fast and flexible.

Platform #2 - VitalWeb Standard for browser:

• Runs in any common browser.
• Main page with most selections.
• Helper pages for certain parameters.
• Separate output window displays output.

Platform #3 - VitalWeb Wizard for browser:

• Runs in any common browser.
• Runs in a single web page.
• Step-by-Step Mode leads user to make output.
• Jump-to-Step Mode lets user jump to any step.

Platform #4 - VitalWeb Ajax for browser:

• Runs in any common browser.
• Runs like a desktop program.
• Maximum flexibility.
• Very compact.

Immediately useful:

EHDP guarantees successful operation and data importing. Many organizations spend years developing data warehouse software. Often with disappointing results. We deliver guaranteed better performance. A fully functional, best-performance data warehouse in a few months.

Simplified contracting:

The costs for complex software systems can be high. Sometimes very high. There are typically high direct and indirect development costs, and hassles and headaches for all involved. Ongoing maintenance costs can also be high. We're talking about millions of dollars.

Vitalnet is a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) data warehouse solution, so the initial and ongoing costs are lower and predictable. Vitalnet is licensed on an annual flat-rate basis to an agency, business, or individual.

A comprehensive service:

Customization, setup, data importing, and other services needed for project success are included with each license. We will make needed changes and modifications to meet your needs, usually at no extra cost.

Guaranteed project success:

A large proportion of software development projects fail to meet user needs. Even if successful, most software becomes obsolete in a few years with advances in technology.

In contrast, Vitalnet software is guaranteed to meet your needs. And Vitalnet has a proven track record for adapting to new technologies and requirements.


• CDC User Interface Style Guide
• CDC Assessment Initiative recommendations
Section 508
Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
• Other standards - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CGI

Enjoyable and more efficient to use:

• Little training required, even for new users.
• Uniform data definitions across interfaces.
• Prevents selection of incompatible parameters.
• On-line help and advice.

Publication-ready output:

Making great output is the main point of Vitalnet. Output is nicely formatted and well documented, and can be used in reports and publications with little or no modification.

• Text output, for importing into other software.
• HTML output, for display in browser.
• Delimited output, imports into spreadsheet software.

• dBASE III output, imports into data display software.
• Professionally formatted thematic maps.
• Pie charts, line plots, and bar charts.

Wide variety of statistics:

• Birth: birth rate, cesarean rate, low birth wt %, more.
• Cancer: AA rates, incidence rates, SIR, more.
• Death: age-adjustment, crude rate, SMR, YPLL, more.
• Hospital: mean charges, LOS, AA rates, SMR, more.

• Population: population, % in age group, median age.
• Pregnancy: pregnancies, pregnancy rates, more.
• All products: Confidence intervals, time-trend analysis.
• Other: We can add other statistics. Usually no charge.

"Compare anything with anything":

• User controls what kind of table, chart, or map to make.
• The program quickly responds to user requests.
• Menu-driven for selecting and combining parameters.

• Maximum flexibility for specifying analysis.
• Sorting of rows is available as needed.
• Multi-tables automatically produced, saving much time.