Vitalnet Data Scenarios

A Vitalnet "data scenario" (or "data module") is an entire data analysis situation. For example, to analyze mortality data correctly, one needs to combine at least: the mortality data itself (numerators), population data (denominators), geographic data, and ICD data. For each data scenario, Vitalnet "knows" all about the different data sets combined into the scenario, "knows" about the fields and how they inter-relate, "knows" how the results are used and how to present them to prevent misinterpretation.

The following are the main Vitalnet data scenarios:

  • Birth Analyses
  • BRFSS Analyses
  • Cancer Registry
  • Death Analyses
  • Hospital Data
  • Multiple Cause Mortality
  • Population Data
  • Pregnancy Data

Other Vitalnet data scenarios include:

  • Abortions
  • Divorce
  • Infectious Disease
  • Marriage
  • Viral Hepatitis

Vitalnet can analyze virtually any data set you require, including benefits enrollment, birth defects, census, emergency room, food stamps, HIV / AIDS, health manpower, immunizations, infant death, lead screening, linked birth / death, Medicaid, Medicare, newborn screening, outpatient care, poverty, PRAMS, reportable diseases, TANF, trauma registry, unemployment, YRBS, and WIC. Call us at 888-709-5319 or fill out contact form.

Key concepts include: community assessment, data analysis, data mining, data warehouse, decision analysis, demography, disease surveillance, epidemiology, health planning, health data, health database, health statistics, medical informatics, public health data, statistical analysis, trauma registry, web-based data query system, vital statistics.