Learn sed: "Definitive Guide to sed"

sed (stream editor) efficiently transforms text files. This book is a full tutorial and reference, to greatly help any user (beginner to experienced) learn and review sed.
What is sed?  sed is a "stream editor". sed rapidly and reliably modifies text files, and edits "streams" (program outputs) on the fly. sed is a uniquely useful text processing tool, installed by default on Unix computers. sed can also be used on a Windows PC.
sed book cover Why should I learn sed?  If you write shell scripts, do system administration, or process text files (HTML, source code, data files) with scripts, sed can help make your work more productive and enjoyable.
Why should I buy this book?  "Definitive Guide to sed" is the best way to learn sed. "Definitive Guide" greatly lessens the confusion many encounter on trying to learn sed. The book serves as a full tutorial and reference, useful for both beginning and experienced sed users.
What the reviewers say:  Paolo Bonzini - GNU sed Maintainer 2004-2012: "I can recommend this book as a good way to learn and review sed. It completely covers GNU sed, with many examples. I hope that this book is well received. The effort put in by the author, and the high quality of the result, surely deserve that." Mendel Cooper - Author of 'The Advanced Bash Scripting Guide': "Definitive Guide to sed" seems like a great way to learn sed. It's a reference / tutorial that's straightforward and to the point. The book has clear descriptions of every sed feature. It's systematic and organized, and written in a flowing style that takes most of the pain out of learning a somewhat complex topic. "Definitive Guide to sed" is highly recommended."
Which sed is covered?  GNU sed 4.2.1 is covered. If you use a different sed, this book is still useful for learning sed, since most of the commands are the same.
Any prerequisites?  For Unix users, it is recommended to be familiar with basic Unix commands and to have written some simple shell scripts. For Windows users, it is recommended to be familiar with batch or PowerShell scripting. sed is not a "beginner's tool".
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What devices can the e-book version be read on?  The e-book version, created separately from the print version, is specially formatted for correct display on Kindle, Kobo, Nook, and Sony devices; and for viewing with Adobe Digital Editions, Calibre, iBooks and other e-reader software.

What topics are covered?  (Table of Contents for sed Book)

• All sed commands and options
• Regular expressions as used within GNU sed
• Addresses to specify when sed commands run
• Related Unix utilities, such as grep, head, tr
• Example sed scripts with full explanations
• Reference sections for easy lookup
About the author:  Daniel Goldman has been "in the trenches" many years developing software, using sed along with other Unix programs, importing data, writing user guides, and helping users learn. Dan has the desire to help others master and feel comfortable using sed and other Unix utilities.
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Daniel Goldman
Published 2013, by EHDP Press.