US State Medicare Quality Improvement Organizations

Alabama - Alabama Quality Assurance Foundation
Alaska - Qualis Health
Arizona - Health Services Advisory Group
Arkansas - Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care
California - Not currently known
Colorado - Colorado Foundation for Medical Care
Connecticut - Qualidigm
Delaware - Quality Insights of Delaware
District of Columbia - Delmarva Foundation for Medical Care
Florida - Florida Medical Quality Assurance
Georgia - Georgia Medical Care Foundation
Hawaii - Mountain-Pacific Quality Health Foundation
Idaho - Qualis Health
Illinois - Illinois Foundation for Quality Health Care
Indiana - Health Care Excel
Iowa - Iowa Foundation for Medical Care
Kansas - Kansas Foundation for Medical Care
Kansas - Division of Health Care Finance
Kentucky - Health Care Excel
Louisiana - Louisiana Health Care Review
Maine - Northeast Health Care Quality Foundation
Maryland - Delmarva Foundation for Medical Care
Massachusetts - MassPRO
Michigan - Michigan Peer Review Organization
Minnesota - Stratis Health
Mississippi - Mississippi Information and Quality Healthcare
Montana - Mountain-Pacific Quality Health Foundation
Nebraska - CIMRO of Nebraska
Nevada - HealthInsight
New Hampshire - Northeast Health Care Quality Foundation
New Jersey - Peer Review Organization of New Jersey
New Mexico - New Mexico Medical Review Association
New York - IPRO
North Carolina - Medical Review of North Carolina
North Dakota - Quality Health Associates of North Dakota
Ohio - Ohio KePRO
Oklahoma - Oklahoma Foundation for Medical Quality
Oregon - Oregon Medical Professional Review Organization (OMPRO)
Pennsylvania - Quality Insights of Pennsylvania
Puerto Rico - Quality Improvement Professional Research Organization (QIPRO)
Rhode Island - Quality Partners of Rhode Island
South Carolina - Carolina Medical Review
South Dakota - South Dakota Foundation for Medical Care
Tennessee - Center for Healthcare Quality
Texas - Texas Medical Foundation
Utah - HealthInsight
Vermont - Northeast Health Care Quality Foundation
Virginia - Virginia Health Quality Center
Washington - Qualis Health
West Virginia - West Virginia Medical Institute
Wisconsin - MetaStar
Wyoming - Mountain-Pacific Quality Health Foundation

Date last updated: Oct-19-2018

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