Businesses Related to Health Data

ACS - American Cancer Society Research
Accuro - Accuro Healthcare Solutions - revenue cycle management - Business information for health care managers
Axolotl - Electronic exchange and distribution of health information
Archimedes - Disease simulation modeling
B-Eye - Business Intelligence Network
Bluegate - Network allows hospitals and physicians to communicate
Cerner - Healthcare information technology solutions
CodeCorrect - Coding and reimbursement
Cognosante - HIPAA consulting - Disease-specific practice patterns
DSHI - Triage Decision Support Systems
dhsgroup - Healthcare data analysis
Discover Data Science - Masters in Health Informatics – Guide to Choosing a Program
EasyDiagnosis - Learn about your symptoms - Home of The HIPAA Academy
Elsevier Medai - Healthcare analytics
emedicine - Clinical Knowledge Database
emedicinehealth - Consumer Health Knowledge Database
Enroll Education - Data Science Degree Guides
find-a-code - Medical Billing Codes
freemd - Dr. Schueler
Government Health IT - Publication
HCD - Health Care DataWorks
Healthwise - Health content and patient education
HealthDax - Consumer engagement tool
HIMSS - HIMSS Analytics
HLN - Health Information Technology
The Informatics Review - Assn of Medical Directors of Information Systems
HealthMap - Boston Children Hospital
IMPAC - Oncology Software
InforSense - Business intelligence software
Iron Mountain - Data and record storage
KD Nuggets - Data Mining Information
Keane Care - Clinical and financial software for long-term care industry
MatheMEDics - Medical Decision Support Software - Marketplace for healthcare products - Medical coding supplies retailer
Mental Health Outcomes - behavioral health outcomes measurement
MergerTech - technology mergers and acquisitions
MRI - Medical Records Institute
NavigatorMD - Health Data Analytics SW suggested by Dan Nunn
NESSTAR - Data Publishing Tool
Onpoint - Health Data
PHRG - Public Health Resource Group
PacificSci - Pacific Health and Development
Persivia - Healthcare data analysis
RapidInsight - Data Analytics
Socrata - Social Data Platform
Solucient - healthcare industry information products
SpaceTimeResearch - data dissemination
Stata Corporation - Statistical software
Standing Stone - eHealth Management Solutions - Online short courses in statistics
3M HIS - 3M Health Information Systems
Tableau - general data analysis
Thomson Medstat - health data analysis
Treo Systems - healthcare information services - HIPPA compliance
Telus - health data warehouse
Verisk - healthcare business intelligence
Vital Data Technology - ER information sharing
WorldDoc - Evaluates symptoms

Date last updated: Jun-12-2018

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