Directories Related to Health Data

All Health Net - Web directory
Baby Place - Pregnancy, birth, and babies
Betty C. Jung's Web Site - Web Directory
Biohealthmatics - Health informatics
BioMed Central - Publisher of more than 150 peer-reviewed open access journals - Online Epidemiology
FierceHealthIT - Online news about health IT
FreePint - Information Research Network
Hardin MD - Univ of Iowa
Healthline - Search Engine
Mamma - Search Engine
Mayo Clinic - Web Portal
MedBioWorld - medical reference site - Medical Healthcare Software
Mioti - Medical Information on the Internet
OmniSeek - Web Directory
Open Directory - Web Directory
PH-Partners - Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce - Web Portal
WebMD - Web Directory
Yahoo - Web Directory

Date last updated: Oct-19-2018

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