Health Data Standards

ANSI Healthcare - ANSI Healthcare Informatics Standards Board
ANSI - American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
CPT - Current Procedural Technology
EBXML - Enterprise Business XML
GBD - Global Burden of Disease
HIMSS - Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society
HL7 - Health Level 7
ICD-9 (NCHS) - International Classification of Diseases
ICD-10 (NCHS) - International Classification of Diseases
ICD-10 (MBCC) - Medical Billing and Coding Certification
ICD-10 (WHO) - International Classification of Diseases
LOINC - Logical Observation Identifier Names and Codes
NIST - National Institute on Standards and Technology
OASIS - Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
SAP - SAP Data Presentation
SNOMED - Systemized Nomenclatures of Human and Veterinary Medicine
UMLS - Unified Medical Language Systems
UNL - University of Nebraska Data Presentation
W3C - World Wide Web Consortium
WEDI - Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange

Date last updated: Oct-19-2018

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