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ActivEpi - A collection of tools for learning epidemiology.
Birtha - Vitalnet software for analyzing birth data.
Cancer-Rates.Info - Cancer Incidence and Mortality Data.
CDC Wonder - Public health information system. Free.
CI*Rank - Providing Confidence Intervals for Ranks
Cytel - Epidemiological computing software.
Data Visualization Tools - Creative Bloq
Disease Surveillance On-Line - Disease statistics in Canada
DoEpi - Teach epidemiology and Epi Info. Free.
EpiCalc 2000 - Statistical calculator for pre-tabulated data. Free.
EpiData - Data entry and data documentation. Free.
EpiGram - Create tracing and social network diagrams.
Epigram - Vitalnet software for analyzing mortality data.
Epi Info - Make questionnaire; enter data; analyze data. Free.
Epi Info PD - Public-domain version of EpiInfo.
EpiMeta - Performs meta-analysis. Free.
Epimonitor.net - Publishes epidemiology newsletter and resource guide.
Epitools - R package for epidemiologic computing and graphics.
EpiWorld - Discussion Group listserv.
ePrognosis - Estimating Prognosis for Elders
FP Advisor - Helps foodborne disease investigation.
Georgia OASIS - Accesses Georgia health data.
GeoViz - Geographic Data Visualization.
i2b2 - Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedside.
iEpidemiology - iPhone app for analysis of epidemiologic study data. Free.
IHME - Institute for Health Metrics
Life Table Analysis System - Occupational cohort mortality studies.
MapWindow - MapWindow GIS Open Source Software.
MassCHIP - Massachusetts Community Health Information Profile.
MassHEIS - Massachusetts Health and Environment Information Study.
MedTrend - Vitalnet software for analyzing hospital discharge data.
Missouri MICA - Missouri Information for Community Assessment.
MIX - Meta-analysis learning; teaching; and exploration.
NCHHSTP AtlasPlus - Analyzes HIV / Viral Hepatitis / STD / TB
NetEpi - Open source tools for epidemiology and public health.
Oncogram - Vitalnet software for analyzing cancer incidence data.
Ohio DW - Ohio DOH Data Warehouse.
OpenClinica - Open source clinical trials software.
OpenEpi - An online epidemiologic and statistical calculator.
OpenSource GIS - Index of open source GIS projects.
PEPI - Computer Programs For Epidemiologic Analysis.
PopTrend - Vitalnet software for analyzing population data.
PregData - Vitalnet software for analyzing pregnancy data.
Public Health Associate - Builds differential diagnosis lists of infectious diseases.
Real-Statistics.com - Real Statistics Using Excel
SampleLQ - Sampling plan calculator for lot quality assurance sampling surveys.
SampleRate - Sample size calculator.
SampleXS - Sample size calculator for cross-sectional surveys.
Sampsize - A utility to compute sample size for surveys.
SaTScan - A free software that analyzes spatial temporal and space-time data.
Sentiweb - Interactive queries of communicable diseases in France.
SigmaD - Assists in standardising epidemiological measurements.
SDA - Survey documentation and analysis - UC Berkeley.
SPMA - Standardized Procedures for Mortality Analysis - Belgium.
StatPages.org - Web Pages that Perform Statistical Calculations.
Survey Analysis in R - Thomas Lumley at UW
Texas Cancer Data Center - Online cancer information.
Utah Hospital Discharge Query System - 1 - Descriptive statistics section.
Utah Hospital Discharge Query System - 2 - Hospitalization rates section.
Utah Office of Health Care Statistics - Utah health care information.
Vitalnet - Software and services for analyzing health-related data sets.
WEAT - Web Enabled Analysis Tool - BRFSS
WINPEPI - Freeware package of statistical programs for epidemiologists.

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