Large Health Data Sets

Air Quality Statistics from EPA Data -
BRFSS - Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (US federal)
Birtha - Vitalnet software for analyzing birth data (Business)
CDC Wonder - Public health information system (US federal)
CMS - The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. US federal.
DATA2010 - Healthy People 2010 monitoring system. US federal. - Requires password. Seems like small data sets.
Data Warehousing Information Center - Decision support systems.
Epigram - Vitalnet software for analyzing mortality data. Business.
Eurocat - European Surveillance of Congenital Anomalies.
Ferret - Access large data sets. US federal.
Florida CHARTS - Florida Community Health Assessment Resource Tool Set.
HCUP - Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project. Discharge data. US federal.
HCUPnet - Statistics and trends about hospital stays. US federal.
Health Information Tennessee (HIT) - Tennessee health data.
Health Data All Stars - Health Data Consortium
HIW - Health Indicators Warehouse (DHHS)
Human Mortality Database - Mortality and population data.
ICD-10 - International Classification of Diseases.
IPUMS - Minnesota Population Center
MassCHIP - Massachusetts Community Health Information Profile.
MedTrend - Vitalnet software for analyzing hospital discharge data. Business.
Missouri MICA - Missouri Information for Community Assessment.
NAACCR - North American Association of Central Cancer Registries. Non-profit.
NAHDO - National Association of Health Data Organizations. US non-profit.
NAPHSIS - National Assn for Public Health Statistics & Information Systems. US.
NCHS 50 Leading Causes of Death (ICD-10) - Standard mortality list.
NCHS 113 Selected Causes of Death (ICD-10) - Standard mortality list.
NCHS 358 Selected Causes of Death (ICD-10) - Standard mortality list.
NCHS - National Center for Health Statistics. US federal.
NCHS Vital Statistics Data - Online access to US data.
NCVHS - National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics. US federal.
NHSN - National Healthcare Safety Network
Ohio DW - Ohio DOH Data Warehouse.
Oncogram - Vitalnet software for analyzing cancer incidence data (Business)
Philly Health - Compares Hospital Performance
Patient Care Analyst - Discharge data set analysis. Business.
PopTrend - Vitalnet software for analyzing population data (US Business)
PregData - Vitalnet software for analyzing pregnancy data (US Business)
SEER - National Cancer Institute data. US federal.
Texas Cancer Data Center - Online cancer information.
Timely Data Resources - Epidemiology data. Business.
Utah IBIS-PH - Utah health information.
Vitalnet - Software and services for analyzing health-related data. (US Business)

Date last updated: Mar-25-2018

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