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Abortion Data Analysis Software

Vitalnet is a comprehensive solution for analyzing large, complex data sets. Vitalnet quickly makes publication-ready tables, charts and maps. Key aspects of the Vitalnet professional solution include:

  • Totally customized to analyze each large, complex data set.
  • Rapid implementation. Fully operational in weeks to months.
  • VitalPro (desktop) provides enterprise data warehouse.
  • VitalWeb (browser) provides web-based data query system.
  • Much easier and more productive than generic stats software.
  • Much lower cost than "home-grown" or other alternatives.
  • Flat-rate contracting simplifies budgeting and procurement.

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Vitalnet Abortion System analyzes induced abortion data. The system is customized to include whatever fields and field values are available in your area and that you want included.
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Try out VitalWeb for free (Vitalnet browser platform).

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